Stay safe and dry with roofing repairs

Do you have a roofing emergency? With 24-hour repair service, there's always someone standing by to take care of your roofing problem. Don't try to catch the drips - our award-winning contractors will keep your home or business leak-free

Roofing Repairs
Secure the breach before anything else

Step one of any emergency roofing is to contain a damaged area. If severe winds or debris punctures your roof system, you need this area protected from the elements as soon as possible to protect your property and assets - then it's time to estimate how much the damage might cost.

Free Estimates

Whether we temporarily stopped your leak on an emergency call - or you just require a roof inspection and quotation - We offer free estimated to help you budget and decide on which roofing systems will be right for you.

Full Service

Start with an estimate

Once all the emergency work to protect your facility is completed, it's time to figure out how much it will all cost. Get your free estimate with no obligations. You won't find a better deal than here!


At minimum, expect:

  • Leak detection
  • Storm damage repair
  • Replace shingles, tar, asphalt
  • Replace nails
  • Repair gutters/downspouts
  • Code violation repairs

Roofing Systems

Whatever roof system is protecting your property, sometimes a new roof curb, vent stack or some other roof penetration is required during its service life. We have the knowledgeable professional service technicians on our staff to properly seal any penetration into your roof system. And since we are licensed applicator with the industry leading manufacturers, odds are good we can maintain any warranty you have in service with our installations!

You may need more than emergency repairs

Our service department can provide emergency repairs - 24/7 - and offer many more services - roof inspections, maintenance agreements, roof penetration flashings and full roof systems services!! - Call our Service Manager - Skip Freas at 317.591.1250 - 24/7 for emergency repairs today.

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