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The roof in the photo has over 4 inches of water on it. Nearly 12,000 gallons of water. Why? it's not because it does not slope properly, It's because the drain screens were entirely clogged with leaves, plastic and dirt. This owner was extremely lucky the section did not collapse. Don't let this happen to your roof(s).

Our service Department performs annual, biannual or quarterly inspections in order to prevent such things as this. We will:

  • Check all your drains or gutters to make sure they are cleaned out.
  • Check all roof and metal flashings to ensure they are sealed and functional.
  • If you have a manufacturer's warranty, we will make sure that any additions (curbs, pipes) to it meet warranty requirements.
  • Visually Inspect all seams and the field of the roof for any damage from other tradesman or weather related damage.
  • Once our men have inspected and cleaned the roof, we will assemble a detailed report on what was found and what was completed.
  • Along with a report, we can provide you the life expectancy of the roof as well as a future budget cost to continue the maintenance and extend the life or to replace it.

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Have you noticed some stains in your ceiling tiles and wonder what is causing them?

Most office buildings have a drop ceiling with tiles. When you see stains in them, typically it is caused by water. Rather than have the maintenance man simply replace the tile or paint over it as we have seen, it does not fix the cause.

Most of the time water is coming from a leak in the roof system, HVAC system or plumbing. Out of those three, roofing is more predominantly the cause. Rather than mask the stain, call us and we can investigate. We will inspect the roof first and determine if it is the cause of the leak as well as covered under the manufacturer's warranty. If the leak is roof related, we will make the repair. If it is not, we will determine the cause and notify you. We can recommend a contractor to do the work if you do not already have one yourself. Don't let the stains continue. It could cause more and more damage as time goes on.

When you see that stained tiles, give Indianapolis Roofing and Sheet Metal Corp. a call at 317.591.1250 and ask for our service manager, Skip.

New Year's Resolution: Get in Better Shape...starting with your Roof!

A new year is coming and another year has gone. Just like our bodies, your roof needs to stay in good condition to live longer. How many years of life does your roof have left? How much will it cost get it back into shape or replace it? These are just a few of the questions that are asked by many owners when it comes to their roof. The more square footage you have the bigger the price tag. Depending on the roof system(s), how much water is trapped in the insulation & how many roofs are on the facility are just a few of the factors involved in determining what kind of condition your roof system is in and what steps can be taken.

Indianapolis Roofing and Sheet Metal Corporation can inspect your entire roof system and provide you with a full evaluation of its condition. Let us determine if your roof:

  • Is in healthy condition and does not need any work at this time.
  • Needs service technicians to work up a little sweat to get it back into shape.
  • Neglected, on life support and barely hanging on and needs replaced.

If your roof is or has been on life support, it may be time to bring a whole new life to the building with a new roof. Let us provide you with an estimate to replace your roof with the most cost effective system that meets your facilities needs.

Don't be caught off guard with a huge expense that you were not expecting. Contact us for a full evaluation of your roof system.

Don't be caught off guard with a huge expense that you were not expecting!

Contact us today for a full evaluation of your roof system and check off your first New Year's Resolution! 317.591.1250

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